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Primal Source Dog Treats


Discover our natural and healthy dog treats

Switch to healthy snacks and treats for dogs

Primal source is our range of natural, healthy and low fat treats for dogs. 
We have developed this range with a special attention to the ingredients and nutriments: each treat must be a good source of protein or vitamin so that the treats are healthy, and the ingredients must be natural, with nothing artificial. 
Whether you are educating and training your dog, and you need treats, whether you just want to make your dog happy, natural and healthy treats are the best alternative! 
You will find in each product page the chewing toughness of the treat, as well as the size and age of dog each treat goes for. 
On top of education and training, chewing is important for dogs: it is a natural behaviour for all types of canines. It has benefits on the teeth, it will help to relieve boredom, destructive behaviour and anxiety. 
Finally, we make sure our treats are hypoallergenic, that is to say they minimise the risk of allergies (especially because canines are the most likely to get allergies easily). 
So if you are looking for low fat, hypoallergenic dog treats, that are healthy and will help your dog and his behaviour, you are in the right place! 
Discover for instance the bully pizzle sticks, the hairy rabbit ears, the chicken wings, but also our range of dry dog food and our healthcare range, with for instance the tick, flea and worm prevention and control range for dogs