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  • Brand: Armitage
  • Sku: AM17763

Armitage Deluxe Plastic Cat Litter Scoop

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Separate solid waste from clean litter in your cat's litter box with the help of the Armitage Deluxe Litter Scoop, with a sturdy plastic handle to maintain plenty of distance between your hand and the litter tray!

With fairly large, rectangular spaces for clean litter to pass through when sieving to remove waste, this scoop is ideal for use with non-clumping and silica crystal style litters. This scoop is especially suitable for use with wooden, cardboard and recycled paper pellet style litters, such as Cat's Best Universal Litter or Breeder Celect Litter, as the gaps are large enough for the pellets to pass through with ease.

A scoop with the correct style of holes for the litter your cat uses in their tray will save time, money and prevent waste, allowing for easy sifting of the litter during which solid waste is removed and the clean litter is returned to the litter tray for reuse.

Dimensions: 21cm (L) x 9.5cm (W) x 3cm (H)


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Armitage Deluxe Plastic Cat Litter Scoop