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Halti Dog Training Multi Length Lead - Large - Black

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About Halti Dog Training Multi Length Lead - Large - Black

A multi-functional, double-ended dog leash, the Halti Nylon Training Lead can be used in 8 different ways and is made from soft padded material for additional comfort when training your pet.

The Halti Training Lead's 8 uses include:
1. Short length for heel work training and walking in crowded areas including city centres or busy footpaths.
2. Medium length for obedience training and relaxed on lead walks.
3. Long length for recall training and encouraging free thinking during clicker training, free shaping or distance work exercises.
4. As a waist band for hands-free dog training and walking.
5. Double walking for two dogs using the trigger hooks on each end of the lead.
6. Tethering when supervised during training sessions or when resting on walks.
7. Double steering for optimum control when attached to the dog's neck collar or body harness.
8.  With the Halti Headcollar for handy steering and control.

Length: 2m, Width: 3cm


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Halti Dog Training Multi Length Lead - Large - Black