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  • Brand: King British
  • Sku: KB0896A

King British Algae Wafers 40g

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About King British Algae Wafers 40g

Designed to sink to the bottom of the aquarium and provide a balanced diet with 45% protein for Catfish, Plecostomus, Corydoras, Loaches and other algae eating fish, King British Algae Wafers contain a unique Immuno Health Booster, a natural seaweed extract which offers protection against disease and infections.

The vegetable based wafers have a highly digestible, low waste formula for clean and clear water, contain vitamin C among other essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, and are designed to remain stable in the water for up to 3 hours so grazing species can indulge.

Made from high quality, natural ingredients, each dark green disc is approximately 15mm in diameter.

Composition: Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetable Protein Extracts, Algae (including Spirulina 3% and Ergosan 2%), Fish & Fish Derivatives, Molluscs & Crustaceans, Cereals, Yeasts, Oils & Fats, Minerals.
Additives: Antioxidants; Vitamins: Vitamin A 28000iU/kg, Vitamin D3 2000iU/kg, Vitamin E 120mg/kg, Vitamin C (as Ascorbyl Monohydrate) 585mg/kg; Trace Elements: Ferrous Suplhate Monohydrate 144mg/kg, Potassium Iodide 0.34mg/kg, Cupric Sulphate Pentahydrate 8.7mg/kg, Manganous Oxide 14.5mg/kg, Zinc Oxide 16.7mg/kg, Sodium Molybdate Dihydrate 0.16mg/kg, Sodium Selenite 0.59mg/kg.
Analytical Constituents: Protein 44%, Crude Fibres 4.4%, Fat Content 10%.


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King British Algae Wafers 40g