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  • Brand: King British
  • Sku: KB570/6

King British Plecostomus Tablet Food 60g

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About King British Plecostomus Tablet Food 60g

For healthy, active and colourful fish, King British Plecostomus Tablets are ideal for Plecos and all other bottom feeding, herbivorous catfish.

The sinking plant and vegetable tablets form a complete and balanced diet, with the addition of Spirulina Algae, a natural seaweed extract, and Ergosan to enhance colour and improve condition.

A highly digestible, low waste formula, the blend is pressed into easy to feed green tablets of approximately 1cm diameter, and is formed from the highest quality natural ingredients for clean and clear water.

Weight: 60g
Contains approximately 100 tablets.


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King British Plecostomus Tablet Food 60g