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  • Brand: KONG
  • Sku: KGPGY1

KONG Gyro Treat Dispenser Puzzle Dog Toy (Large) - Level 1

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Make playtime tastier with a KONG Gyro dog toy, an interactive toy with an irresistible 'roll and flip' action which entices and excites dogs..

The KONG Gyro is designed to spin, roll, wobble and flip while dispensing small training treats or pieces of kibble, to intrigue and entertain your dog. We recommend small sized treats like Burns Training Treats and Pet Munchies Training Treats to fit inside the Gyro Ball.

The spinning ball and stationary outer ring will encourage your dog to paw, push, nose and roll the toy to obtain their tasty reward.

The KONG Gyro is ideal for independent play and will also help to encourage dogs with less play instinct to engage with a toy. It also serves as a fantastic introduction to puzzle and activity toys, by providing a simple but fun puzzle that most dogs should be able to investigate and learn. Giving your dogs puzzle toys is a fantastic way to provide mental stimulation, which is key to reducing boredom and boredom based problem behaviours, such as destructiveness.

Diameter: 17cm


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KONG Gyro Treat Dispenser Puzzle Dog Toy (Large) - Level 1