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ProRep Basking Spot Lamp 60W ES

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Product Description

ProRep Spot bulbs are an essential part of keeping many reptiles. They provide a directed beam of radiant heat to create a basking spot for a reptile to bask in. Reptiles are cold blooded and so bask to raise their body temperature. This allows them to digest food, be active and make vitamin D3 which is essential for the absorption of calcium from their food. Basking zones are best created by using a simple white bulb, which creates a bright basking zone which the reptiles recognise. Not all spot bulbs are equal however and the ProRep brand now uses superior glue and filaments for enhanced reliability. This bulb has a standard ES fitting. Remember, incandescent light bulbs DO NOT produce any UVB, this needs to be provided by using a suitable specialist bulb.

The Pro Rep basking lights come in a variety of wattage, from 40 to 100W to cater for all size enclosures.

All daylight lamps should be turned off at night to give your reptile a day and night cycle.