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ProRep Beardie Life Mixed Desert Sand & Soil Substrate

Pro Rep
(Code: SMS510)

About ProRep Beardie Life Mixed Desert Sand & Soil Substrate

Create the ideal desert environment for Bearded Dragons and similar species with Beardie Life Blended Substrate.

Bearded Dragons live in environments where the natural substrate tends to be a sandy soil, so Beardie Life replicates the desert habitats in a realistic looking and feeling substrate to encourage natural behaviours such as digging and foraging.

The risk of impaction is reduced with the inclusion of soil in the mixture, while enhancing the ability of the substrate to retain moisture which will in turn increase humidity and aid in digestion and shedding.

Areas of local hydration, or 'microclimates', may be replicated by spraying water under hides or in specific areas. These humid areas offer places to rest when shedding and ideal areas for digging.

Volume: 10l