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Redtop Fly Trap

(Code: EN72570)

The Red Top Fly Trap Catcher effectively catches and contains flies and blowflies drastically reducing the problem by trapping up to 155 flies a minute. The non-chemical lure is especially effective with female blowflies which are each capable of laying up to 600 eggs every two to three days.

The Redtop Flytrap can contain up to 20,000 flies and lasts up to 12 weeks. Therefore, with the female flies having a life cycle of three to five weeks, the Red Top Flytrap can remove over 1.2 million flies from the environment, your home and/or livestock.

  • The best thing since flies bred
  • Bait is especially appealing to female flies
  • Simply hang the fly trap
  • Low cost, foolproof, disposable
  • Up to 20,000 flies per trap
  • Environmentally friendly and food-safe