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Republic Of Pet Snuffle Mat Dog Puzzle Toy

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Republic of Pet
(Code: RP7225)

Engage all your dogs senses and provide hours of entertainment with a Republic of Pet Snuffle Mat.

Snuffle Mats are a fantastic source of mental stimulation for dogs as they challenge them to engage both their mind and their nose to hunt out treats or food from the soft fabric puzzle.

Simply spread part or all of your dogs dry food portion or their favourite treat (we love Serrano Snacks broken in half) across the mat, using the strips of fabric to cover up each piece and allow your dog to sniff their way around the mat until they have found and eaten every mouthful. It is ideal for making meal times last for longer and can act as an alternative to a slow feed bowl, to help to prevent gulping of food and reduce the risk of Bloat. 

Snuffle Mats are one of the most versatile dog puzzles available. They will provide active and intelligent dogs with fantastic enrichment, reducing boredom and associated problem behaviours such as destructiveness. They are also a fantastic choice for entertaining dogs with restricted mobility, whether due to age, being on crate rest or while recovering from an injury or surgery, as they require less movement than many other food dispensing puzzle toys.

Size: 60cm x 50cm

Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Really good quality and size for the prize!
Marian K.