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Rosewood Naturals | Guinea Pig Food | Meadow Menu - 2kg

(Code: RW19394)

About Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Guinea Pig Food 2kg

Rich in meadow grasses, herbs and plants, Rosewood Naturals Meadow Menu Main Diet Blend is grain free and designed to be close to nature with 100% natural and beneficial ingredients.

The 40 natural ingredients are blended into Quad-Bits, chunks which are selectively shaped to wear teeth down as they're chewed to prevent malformation and overgrowth of teeth, while promoting a healthy diet by failing to allow selective feeding as can happen with muesli style mixes.

Beneficial vitamins, minerals and micronutrients are combined with balanced nutritional components to create a complementary diet for feeding alongside nutritious meadow hay, dried grass and fresh produce. Rosewood's Meadow Hay Cookies are an excellent option for feeding forage with reduced mess, waste, allergens and dust.

Loaded with fibre rich grasses for the maintenance of constantly growing teeth via tooth abrasion, the pellets contain ingredients which are high in vitamin C, while the food is also supplemented with vitamin C. The correct ratio of calcium and phosphorous is ideal for urinary health.

The cold pressed food contains no cereals, added sugars, GM or salt, making it a suitable diet for guinea pigs of all ages.

Feeding Guide:
Approximately 30g of Meadow Menu nuggets per kilogram of bodyweight per day. Most guinea pigs weigh between 0.9kg and 1.2kg, so 30g-35g per day is ideal with unlimited hay and plenty of fresh vegetables.

Composition: Meadow grasses and herbs (including timothy grass, foxtail grass, oatgrass, orchard grass, downy alpine oatgrass, smooth meadow grass, red clover, sweet vernal grass, velvet grass, golden oatgrass, common vetch, black medic, dandelion, ribwort, cowslip, marguerite, daisy, great burnet-saxifrage, hedge bedstraw, parsnip, sorrel, germander speedwell, common mouse-ear, perennial ryegrass, soft brome, tufted vetch, bush vetch, three-toothed orchid, wild beaked parsley) 70.5%, parsley 5.6%, carrot cubes 5.1%, pea flakes 4.1%, broad bean flakes 3%, parsnip cubes 2.4%, linseed 2.4%, black cumin 1%, fennel seed 0.8%, nettle leaves 0.7%, melissa 0.6%, rape seed oil 0.6%, dandelion 0.6%, rosemary 0.5%, yucca 0.5%, apple 0.4%, peppermint 0.4%, chamomile blossoms 0.3%, lovage 0.3%, beetroot 0.2%.

Analytical Constituents: Protein 15.8%, Oils and Fats 4.1%, Crude Ash 9.7%, Crude Fibre 17.1%, Calcium 0.9%, Phosphorous 0.6%.

Nutritional Additives: Vitamin A 13,780iU, Vitamin C 689mg, Vitamin D3 954iU, Vitamin E 84.8mg.