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Savic Weekend Feeder Inside

(Code: HLFEEDER-S0143)
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The Savic Weekend Feeder is the ideal feeding option to provide your bird with a weekend's worth of food. If you are going away for a break, the feeder will make food constantly available to your bird whilst you are away. The feeder is designed to to be placed inside the bird cage, and feautures a strong plastic clip for easy attachment.

  • Savic weekend, inside, bird feeder.
  • 16cm length  x  7cm.
  • For use for pet birds.
  • Comes complete with clip to fit to bird cage. Fits on the inside of all Savic bird cages.
  • Pieces come apart allowing for easy cleaning.
  • Clear plastic top to allow view of level of feed with a plastic removable base.
  • Broad trough for eating seed.