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Seachem Ammonia Alert Continuous Sensor

(Code: SC020110)

About Seachem Ammonia Alert Continuous Sensor

An innovative, easy to read colour device, Sea Chem Ammonia Alert Device continuously monitors aquarium water for toxic ammonia.

Relative to concentration of ammonia within the water, the sensor will indicate changes from yellow to green to blue, detecting less than 0.05mg/L (ppm) so the number one killer chemical can be detected before the fish even start to show symptoms of stress.

Lasting for over a year in a marine or freshwater aquarium, the automatic sensor saves the time, cost and effort of incrementally testing for ammonia with manual testing strips.

Small, clear and unobtrusive, the Ammonia Alert sensor doesn't detract from the view into the aquarium, and with a response time to increasing ammonia levels of only 15 minutes, you can be assured that your prized fish are in good hands.