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Slodog No Gulp Feeder Plate - Pink

Sharples N Grant
(Code: SD900MP)

About Slodog No Gulp Feeder Plate - Pink

Encourage your dog to take more time eating their meals with the SloDog No Gulp Slow Feeding Tray.

Gulping of food can cause serious medical issues for dogs, from mild stomach upsets, indigestion and excess gas, to potentially life threatening bloat and gastric torsion.

Studies have shown that the SloDog bowl can increase feeding times from a matter of seconds, to many minutes.

Most slow feeding bowls work by using maze like structures or obstructions to prevent the dog from gulping food too quickly, which can lead to frustration for some pets as the dog needs to chase the food around to eat. For dogs prone to stress and anxiety, this can be upsetting for both pets and owners.

The SloDog plate works with a unique approach to slowing down feeding, with a much larger feeding area and all food in plain sight without the need for chasing. By spreading the meal across the surface of the bowl, the food is split into many bite-sized portions by the shallow pockets across the tray.

The SloDog bowl can hold up to 500ml (approximately two cups) of food at a time, which is more than enough for the majority of dogs to be eating in a single meal.

With a non-slip base, the feeder is incredibly easy to fill and is made from food grade PP.

Size: 35cm x 26cm (14" x 10")