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Tetra 6 In 1 General Aquarium Test Strips

(Code: TE175488)

About Tetra 6 In 1 General Aquarium Test Strips

Efficient and effective testing strips for aquarists from beginner to professional, Tetra 6-In-1 Easy Testing Strips determine six of the most important water parameters in one simple step and less than 60 seconds.

The handy colour chart is used to check the levels of pH, GH (General Hardness), KH (Carbonate Hardness), NO2- (Nitrite), NO3- (Nitrate) and Cl2 (Chlorine) in the aquarium water.

Excessive changes in any of these water parameters can cause stress and lead to death in aquarium inhabitants, so regular testing is an essential component of successful fish keeping.

Contains 25 testing strips.