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Tetra 6 In 1 Test Strip - 25 Strips Included

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Dip test for instantly checking water quality. Good water quality is the key to healthy fish and a trouble-free aquarium. Traditional methods of testing are not ideal for situations where time is limited, or when frequent testing is necessary for example in newly set up aquariums. The TetraTest 6 in 1 Quicktest offers a perfect solution, by testing for 6 essential water quality parameters in less than 60 seconds.

Tests for:

pH, Nitrite, Nitrate, KH (carbonate hardness), GH (general hardness) Chlorine


Simply dip the test strip in the water for a few seconds, remove and then wait a minute for it to change colour. Compare the colours to the chart on the pack to get your readings.

Always read the instructions before use.

Testing every 2-3 days in newly set up aquariums, and once a week in established aquariums.

25 strips