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Trixie Alicante Scratching Post 142x45x45cm Beige

(Code: TXALICANTE-TX43861)
£ 72.99

Give your cats their own place to play! With a plush cover, padded platforms and a cave fitted with fleece, your cat will find the perfect place for a catnap. The posts are wrapped with natural sisal, giving your cat a designated place to scratch without being destructive to your furniture. Your cat can now enjoy unlimited sessions of play, scratching, and relaxing all day. The Alicante has six sisal-wrapped scratching posts, three platforms for resting, and a luxurious condo. It makes a great multi-faceted playhouse for your cat.

Available in Beige or Anthracite

Measurements: (Floor Area) 45 x 45 cm, (Height) 142cm, (Post) › 9 cm