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Trixie Bath House, Semi-circle, 14 14 15 Cm

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Trixie Bath House Semi-circle Simple yet effective, this durable small bird bath is a must accessory for your cage. Basic Small Bird Water Bath Birds such as budgies, finches & canaries along with most other birds need to drink at least twice a day because of their food tending to be very dry. A water bath, along with fulfilling their drinking needs, is also great for their feathery ablutions - bathing and preening are essential to keep feathers in good condition. Trixie Bath House Semi-circle Suitable for budgies, canaries and finches. Made from tough plastic. Ideally for hanging on the front of the cage door. Top is transparent Tub comes in a variety of colours. Dimensions: 14 14 15 cm.

  • for budgies, canaries and finches
  • to hang in front of the cage door
  • top: transparent
  • tub: various colours