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Trixie Biker Set For Large Dogs

(Code: TX1287)

About Trixie Biker Set For Large Dogs

Cycle safely with your pet securely alongside by using the Trixie Biker Set to leash your dog to your bicycle.

Designed to be exceptionally robust, this unique cycling system is ideal for use with medium and large sized dogs, with safety features for your comfort and assurance.

An integrated spring softens sudden directional or speed changes, and a hook and loop fastener allows the short leash to detach in the event of an extreme sudden jerk to prevent injury to you and your pet in the event of an accident. A distance spacer stops your dog from venturing under the wheels of the bicycle during exercise.

Not every dog is suitable to be led from abicycle. Before using the Biker-Set, dog owners shouldconsider carefully, whether their dog is fit for thephysical demands of being led alongside a bicycle.Please plan sufficient time to familiarise your dog withthe Biker-Set and train leading it from a bicyclefrequently. For unfit dogs, werecommend leading it alongside your bicycle for only ashort time or a short distance. It is ideal if you let yourdog determine the speed and the duration of the trip.

1. Place the plastic casing around the seat post. Pleasemake sure that the seat post is securely fastened tothe frame, otherwise it might twist if the dog gives astrong pull.
2. Place both holder parts on the plastic mantle andscrew them together with the attached bolts andwashers.
3. Now screw the spiral spring on the short side of theextension bar.
4. Then connect the extension bar to the holder which isattached to the bike. Please ensure that the lock snapsinto place.
5. It is essential to ensure that the Biker-Set is securelyfastened to the bicycle before it is used with a dog andthat it cannot twist even if the animal pulls strongly.
6. The extension bar can be detached again by releasingthe adjustment.