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Trixie Dangling Parakeet Plastic Budgie & Bell Bird Toy

(Code: TX5309)

About Trixie Dangling Parakeet Plastic Budgie & Bell Bird Toy

The perfect companion for a pet budgerigar who has found themselves alone, the Trixie Budgie Buddy Weighted Toy provides company for a bird who doesn't enjoy company of other birds or who is feeling unwell and is unable to mingle with their flock.

Budgies have excellent colour vision and enjoy a toy they can interact with, so the bell attached to the toy will prove particularly attractive for playful pets. Easily attached to the roof of your bird's enclosure due to the metal clip.

As social animals, budgies live in flocks and love to be able to groom and cuddle with a friend of their own species, so unless you have a huge amount of time to dedicate to spending with your budgie, you should consider introducing a friend so they don't become bored or anxious. This toy can be used as a short term 'buddy' but is not a substitute for a lifelong partner for your pet.

Size: 9cm

Colours may vary.