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Trixie Ferris Wheel & Lattice Balls Small Plastic Bird Toy

(Code: TX5355)

About Trixie Ferris Wheel & Lattice Balls Small Plastic Bird Toy

A simplistic toy for many hours of entertainment, the Trixie Ferris Wheel Toy is ideal for smaller birds such as canaries, budgies and finches.

The multicoloured rattling lattice style balls making up the Ferris wheel can be turned and tossed as the bird plays with the interactive toy.

Birds need to chew in order to keep their beaks in shape and providing a selection of chewable wooden toys is essential to encourage regular gnawing. Birds have an excellent ability to see colours so will benefit from colourful foraging toys and enjoy the stimulation provided by different shades. A selection of species appropriate toys should always be available within your bird's enclosure and the available toys should be rotated regularly to maintain interest and provide sufficient mental stimulation. Bored birds can become physically destructive including displaying aggression to their owners and exhibiting self-harming behaviours such as feather plucking, and are more prone to behaving badly and developing repetitive behaviours such as head swinging. Suitable toys will help to avoid the issues commonly associated with troubled feathered family members.

Length: 10cm

Colour may vary.