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Trixie Grasses And Meadow Herbs For Tortoises (300g)

(Code: TX76277)

About Trixie Grasses And Meadow Herbs For Tortoises (300g)

Trixie Reptiland Grass & Meadow Herb Blend is an ideal compound mixture for use as a complementary feed for tortoises and many other herbivorous reptiles.

Rich in dietary fibres and other natural plant substances to active digestion and stimulate the immune system, the delicious blend is low in protein and has an ideal Calcium Phosphorous ratio of 2:1.

If required, moisten the herb and grass mixture before feeding and make freely available. Provide fresh food daily.

Composition: Orchard Grass, Meadow Foxtail, Meadow Fescue, Dandelion, Tall Oatgrass, Soft-Grass, Lady's Mantle, Ribwort Plantain, Bush Vetch, Timothy, Crested Dog's Tail, Perennial Ryegrass, Common Meadow-Grass, Alsike Clover, Yarrow, Cow Parsley, Lady's Bedstraw.