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Trixie Natural Living Bird Perch Y Shape 20cm/15mm

(Code: TXYPERCH-TX5876)
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A Trixie Natural Living range Y shape perch. Fastens easily onto the cage with the screw and disc system. Can be mounted on the inside or outside of the cage for extra living and landing space. Also perfect for adding those extra perches to your aviary. Good for placing near to drinking and feeding stations. Ideal for the foot care of your bird, as this is a made from natural materials it offers a comfortable change from straight bar perches. The Y shape perch is available in two sizes:

Item No. 5876 is 20 cm/ 15 mm and is suitable for Budgies, Small Parrots etc.

Item No. 5877 is 35 cm/ 18 mm and is suitable for larger birds such as Cockatiels etc