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Trixie Slow Feed No Gulp Bowl 0.45L, 20cm

Trixie Slow Feed No Gulp Bowl 0.45L, 20cm

(Code: TX25031)
£ 3.99

About Trixie Slow Feed No Gulp Bowl 0.45L, 20cm

Dogs are by instinct and history scavengers, competing for food with members of the pack or other carnivores which has left them with an inherent need to gobble down their meal before it’s taken from them.
However, eating too fast can cause a number of problems for a dog, including choking, vomiting, and bloat. Also if food is gulped down, it may not be fully digested, in which case the dog will not be receiving the food’s full nutritional value.

Slow feed bowls have raised obstacles moulded into them that effectively obstruct the dog from gobbling the bowl’s contents straight down. The dog has to work to retrieve the food, mealtimes become more of a challenge and the rate of eating is slowed, helping to reduce the risks inherent in gulping. Also, as an added benefit, the additional time spent chewing food enhances the dog’s dental health.