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Trixie Walker Active Protective Boots For Dogs

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These Trixie Walker Protective Dog Boots were developed especially for dogs. These protective shoes are great for reducing the risk of infection and help to keep paw wounds clean. They are useful in the winter as they have reflective bands making your dog more visible, and are perfect for taking long walks on asphalt or stony paths. They are also great for taking dogs for walks on beaches that have really hot sand. Your dog's paws will definitely be protected with these fantastic dog boots!

The dog boots are very comfortable. The shoe is pliant, with a breathable polyester and sporty look and help to keep your dog's paws protected. The rubber soles have an anti-slip profile to give your dog more traction.

Each shoe has two Velcro tabs, ensuring a great fit whatever the breed and the reflective tabs will make your dog more visible if it is dark.  

Walker Active Protective Boots-XS (19460)

    robust grip sole provides non-slip hold
    breathable through mesh material
    comfortable to wear
    support rapid healing of paw injuries
    reduce the risk of infection
    with practical Velcro straps with reflective stripes
    especially useful on stony ground, tarmac or hot sand
    can be used inside as well: provides hold on slippery floors
    protect against salt and grit in winter
    colour: black

Size: XS
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Yorkshire Terrier

Size: XS-S
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: West Highland Terrier

Size: S-M
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Jack Russell Terrier

Size: M
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Border Collie

Size: M-L
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Dalmatian

Size: L
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Labrador

Size: L-XL
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: Golden Retriever

Size: XL
Contents: 2 pcs
for e.g.: German Shepherd, Bernese Mountain Dog

Please bear in mind that if it is to go over a dog's bandaged foot it is advisable to choose the next size up.

Please see image of size guide for measuring instructions.