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Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets 100pcs

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Engineered to improve health and vitality, Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets are an ideal supplement for puppies from 6 weeks of age and adult dogs.

The tasty yeast based tablets contain a blend of vitamins and minerals designed to complement any diet. 

By providing a natural source of B-complex vitamins, regular dosing will help to protect dogs against nervous and anxious behaviours, poor coat quality and skin problems. B-complex vitamins are water soluble so can't be stored in the body to any great extent, so the tablets should be fed daily.

The immune system can be supported and improved by proper supplementation, while the coat and skin remain healthy and vibrant.

Typically 98%, Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets are safe to use in times of stress, pregnancy and illness.

Daily Dosage:

Toy & Small Dogs (1-5kg): 1-4 Tablets
Medium Dogs (6-15kg): 4-8 Tablets
Large Dogs (16-30kg): 8-12 Tablets
Very Large Dogs (30kg+): 12-20 Tablets
Pregnant & Nursing Bitches: Double the normal daily intake
Puppies: 1 Tablet per 0.9kg Bodyweight

Directions: Vetzyme Conditioning Tablets can be fed as tasty treats or crushed and mixed with food.

Pack Size: 100 Tablets