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Vitapet Moult Formula Coat Conditioner 400ml

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Vitapet Moult Formula is a unique blend of natural oils rich in Omega-6 fatty acids to help reduce excess moulting and promote a healthy, glossy coat.

Moulting is a natural process, however central heating and poor nutrition can upset a dog's natural moulting cycle, causing excessive moulting. This can cause embarrassment in coping with unsightly hairs around the home. Research indicates that dietary supplementation with omega-6 fatty acids can help reduce excessive moulting by replenishing the natural oil levels in the body.

As well as helping to protect a healthy glossy coat from the outside elements, Vitapet Moult Formula also promotes nutritional good health naturally from the inside. Enriched with vitamins A, D and E, it supports good vision, strong bones and teeth and a healthy immune system.

Vitapet Moult Formula is ideal for all dogs over the age of 12 weeks, particularly long hair breeds and bitches in whelp.


Mix daily with food.


  • Small Breeds under 5kg: 2.5-5ml
  • Medium Breeds 15-25kg: 5-7.5ml
  • Large Breeds 25-35kg: 7.5-10ml
  • Very Large Breeds 35kg+: 10-15ml


At the start of weaning add a few drops into the mouth. When weaned increase to 10ml per 500g of dry type food.

Bitches in Whelp:

Use the adult amount twice daily.