Gourmet Gold Cans 85g Double Delicacies Ocean Fish & Spinach

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This is a complete and balanced pet food for adult cats (aged 1 to 7) and contains double delicacies of succulent meat & ocean fish with vegetables in gravy. A wide choice of different flavours and taste experiences.

Meat and animal derivatives (35 %)*, Cereals, Oils and fats, Vegetable protein extracts, Minerals, Various sugars, Yeast, Fish and fish derivatives (1%)**.
(*equivalent to 50% rehydrated, with min. 26% Meat, 0.5% Beef, 0.5% Chicken). (**equivalent to 2% rehydrated, with 0.5% Salmon )Protein 35%, Fat 20%, Crude
Ash 8.5%, Crude Fibres 0.5%, Linoleic Acid (Omega 6) 26900mg/kg

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