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We believe that all pets & owners should have the best products available for their needs.

Our business is built on Putting Pets First so our highly trained staff will always recommendthe products that we believe are best for you & your pet.
Although we specialise in pet care of dogs, cats, small animals, birds, fish & reptiles, we also offer a variety of items to help you care for local wildlife & your garden.
dog toys

We have hundreds of high quality dog toys for dogs of all shapes & sizes. Does your dog like to squeak or shake?

new kitten?

Choose from our basic or luxurious starter packs to ensure you have all the essentials in preparation for your new kitten's arrival.

natural treats

Our appreciation of species appropriate, natural nutrition doesn't stop at dogs. Small pets deserve tasty, healthy snacks & we have a large selection to keep them occupied.


Provide nutritious meals, safe places to rest and ideal feeding stations to help native wildlife survive in our ever changing environment.

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Primal Source, the healthy and natural dog treats

Exclusive to Pet Connection, the Primal Source range has lots of options to choose from to suit even the fussiest of dogs. All products are 100% natural, air-dried animal offcuts that would otherwise be destroyed. Ethically sourced within the EU and hand packed by our team in eco-friendly packaging. Take a look at some of our top picks below!

Pet Connection's Charity Wishlist Scheme

Supporting rescue centres across Ireland & the UK

Pet Connection supporting rescue centres

We believe that every animal in a rescue centre deserves a home. 

We have been lucky enough to enjoy the limitless love offered by animals who were once without homes, and we thank the rescue centres who provided a temporary home for these animals before they joined the Pet Connection family.

Our Charity Wishlist Scheme allows rescue centres to have much needed items donated by their kind supporters and delivered directly to the animals that need them most. We cover the cost of this direct delivery to keep prices low for those who so kindly donate.


Our extensive range of parasite control and prevention treatments contains products suitable for dogs of all sizes and ages, including puppies and adult dogs, cats and kittens, birds and small pets such as rabbits and guineapigs.

We are always happy to advise and help you to find the correct product for your individual pet, and can give guidance on how to prevent flea infestations from taking over your home.

Flea & Tick

From Flea Combs to Fiprotec Spot Ons, all parasite control products available at Pet Connection have passed stringent testing to prove they are effective and safe.


Often pets don't show signs of worm infestations until the worms have already caused internal damage. A regular worming programme ensures that infestations are unable to develop.

Training Guides for Dogs

Our combined years of experience in many aspects of dog training, nutrition and care allow us to confidently provide information to our cutomers in a variety of fields.

Need some advice? We're here to help!

Interactive toys for cat and high quality food

We have a huge selection of items for cats and kittens, from quality hypoallergenic food blends to tempting Valerian & Catnip toys. 

Troublesome Feline? Brain Games can have an extremely positive impact on behaviour!

Dog Healthcare products

In ensuring our dogs health and happiness throughout their lives, healthcare supplements can be very useful.

Our large variety of supplements can help provide relief for many issues from anxiety to arthritis.

Our TOP products
Pet Expertise at your service
A wide range of high quality products for all pets

Putting Pets First is the motto of our Online Pet Store

At Pet Connection, we understand the profound significance of our beloved animal companions. With an unwavering commitment to prioritizing the well-being of pets, we have always placed immense emphasis on the quality of products designed exclusively for them.

In our Online Pet Store catalogue, you'll exclusively encounter products that have earned our complete confidence and endorsement. We meticulously curate a selection that encompasses not only the finest brands recognized for their exceptional quality but also for their affordability.

Lately, we have developed our own range of products that are hypoallergenic and healthy for your animal! We are deeply invested in providing a range that not only gratifies your pet's desires but also contributes to their lifelong vitality.

Our Online Pet Shop offers an extensive array of options to cater for all pets, whether it's Dogs, Cats, Small Pets (including Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Gerbils, Chinchillas or Ferrets), Birds, or even Reptiles and Fish.

Our commitment to serving you and your pet extends not only within the UK but also globally. We take immense pride in facilitating deliveries worldwide, ensuring that both you and your companion experience unparalleled satisfaction, regardless of your location.

We are not just a pet shop online; we are a healthy haven for your pets!

Your online pet food and supplies shop

Feeding your beloved companion holds immense significance, recognizing the deep care that pet owners invest in this aspect. That's precisely why we've diligently sourced and curated a selection of unparalleled products, each tailored to address the unique requirements of your pet.

Discover an assortment of products meticulously chosen to cater to your pet's distinctive dietary demands. From grain free dog food, to hypoallergenic and natural treats to cat wet food and dry food, you are certain to find a product that will fit your pet needs!

Our online pet store does not limit to food and treat for your trusted companion, as you’ll find healthcare products, training tools and toys from leading brands like KONG.

pet connection's GRain Free blend