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Acana Puppy Large Breed Food - Grain Free - 11.4kg

(Code: BR50111)

About Acana Puppy Large Breed Food - Grain Free - 11.4kg

Ensure your large breed puppy has the nutrition they need to grow and thrive with Acana Puppy Large Breed Food. Packed with human grade meat, this food will support the growth of puppies that are expected to weigh over 25kg when they reach maturity.

Using only the freshest ingredients and following the Wholeprey philosophy, Acana food is designed to mimic the natural diet of the ancestors of modern dogs; the Grey Wolf. Each bag contains 70% meat, from free-range chicken, wild-caught flounder and whole eggs. A mixture of meat, organs and cartilage is included at optimum ratios to provide your puppy with all the nutrients they need from completely natural sources.

To support your puppies development, Acana Puppy Food provides more of your puppies' daily calories through protein and fat in comparison to most other types of puppy food, which helps to support healthy growth and development. 1/3 of the meat in the food is fresh, to ensure palatability and provide extra goodness, while the remaining 2/3 has been dried or included as oils, which ensures a strong source of natural meat protein.

Acana Puppy Large Breed Food Ingredients:

Fresh chicken meat (16%), chicken meal (15%), turkey meal (14%), red lentils, whole green peas, fresh chicken giblets (liver, heart, kidney) (6%), herring meal (4%), cage-free eggs (4%), fresh whole flounder (4%), herring oil (3%), sun-cured alfalfa (2%), field beans (2%), green lentils, whole yellow peas, pea fibre, chicken fat (2%), fresh chicken cartilage (2%), dried brown kelp, fresh whole pumpkin, fresh whole butternut squash, fresh whole parsnips, fresh kale, fresh spinach, fresh mustard greens, fresh turnip greens, fresh whole carrots, fresh Red Delicious apples, fresh Bartlett pears, freeze-dried chicken liver, freeze-dried turkey liver, fresh whole cranberries, fresh whole blueberries, chicory root, turmeric, milk thistle, burdock root, lavender, marshmallow root, rose hips.

For puppies who are expected to weight less than 25kg at maturity, try Acana Puppy & Junior Dog Food.