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Cat Flea, Worm & Tick Control


How to prevent Cat from flea, worm and tick? 

How to get a tick off a cat?

Obviously, prevention would be the best idea, rather than getting off ticks on your cat. For that, you can use repellent collars for instance but also spot on treatment what will help your cat getting rid of ticks.
If it is too late, we suggest that you use a tick-freezing spray and then a cat tick removal tool in order to remove the insect properly and entirely. 
In addition to removing the risks from ticks, you may want to make sure that your cat has the best flea and worm treatment available.

What is the best flea and worm treatment for cat?

Once again, it is better, especially if your cat goes outside, to prevent the apparition of fleas with a cat flea collar that will act as a repellent collar. 
The common treatment against flea, which is the spot on treatment, is always a valid solution too! You should apply the treatment every 4 weeks to ensure a continuous protection. 
Otherwise, you will also find a flea spray for cats in this category that will help you to get rid of fleas. Make sure to treat the indoor spaces as well if your cat has got fleas. This is important for your other animals, but also for yourself and the other residents of your home. 

Discover our range of cat and kitten dewormer

Treating cats for worm is not always easy. We make sure this gets easier though, thanks to pleasantly flavoured cream pastes and oral suspensions. 
We offer two products that suit kittens, as we know it is quite common to them.
You will also find a range of worming tablets for adult cats.
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