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Ancol Ergo Shedding Blade

(Code: AN430100)

About Ancol Ergo Shedding Blade

The Ergo Medium Shedding Blade is an effective, ergonomic grooming tool which allows for fast deshedding of heavy coated dogs.The serrated edge of stainless steel teeth is designed to remove dead hair from the dog's undercoat, while gently easing mild tangling. Matts should be carefully removed with a Knot Buster before the shedding blade is used.

Shedding blades were originally designed for the equestrian market, so are particularly useful for dogs with short smooth hair and a dense, thick undercoat.

The shedding blade should be drawn over the coat in the direction of hair growth, and can be used in the 'locked' position or opened up to allow for a larger grooming surface.

This brush can be used on some coat types: Wire, Smooth and Double.

Shedding Blade Length: Approximately 40cm