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Ancol | Small Pet Grooming | Soft Bristle Brush

(Code: AN164102)

About Ancol Rabbit Brush

The Ancol Bristle Brush is a lightweight grooming tool, suitable for regular use with Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas, Hamsters, Rats and Ferrets.

The soft bristles help to remove loose and unwanted hairs from your pet's coat, reducing allergens in the home and the risk of hairball formations.

When used in conjunction with other grooming tools, stubborn matts and tangles can be removed easily and painlessly, while regular use of the Bristle brush will prevent tangles from forming on your pet.

The handle has a cushioned grip for comfort and ease of use.

Long coated pets should be groomed regularly to prevent painful matts, and all pets will benefit from the calming, bonding experience of being gently brushed.