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Beaphar Anti-Mange Spray 75ml

(Code: CG15255)

About Beaphar Anti-Mange Spray 75ml

Beaphar Small Animal Anti-Mange Spray can be used to treat Rabbits, Rats and Guinea Pigs suffering from burrowing mite infestations.

The spray solution contains Ivermectin 0.02% w/v.

Signs of mange include severe itching and hair loss, and continuous scratching can lead to self-harm. Wounds can become infected, causing the animal to suffer from increased pain. Early or preventative treatment with this Ivermectin based spray can prevent this. Progressed cases with open or infected wounds will require veterinary attention urgently.

Directions: To ensure the product reaches the skin surface, spray against the lie of the coat. If the head is affected, wet a cotton ball with the spray and apply this to the area. Ensure the liquid does not enter the mouth, eyes or nose. Repeat the treatment after 10 days. If your pet does not respond to treatment or becomes unwell following treatment, consult your veterinary surgeon.

Adult Guinea Pig (Over 10 Weeks) - 2 Sprays
Young Guinea Pig (4-9 Weeks) - 1 Spray
Rat - 1 Spray
Rabbits (Over 4 Weeks) - 2 Sprays per kg Bodyweight

Warnings: Wear plastic gloves while using the product. Do not use on sick or convalescing animals, or during pregnancy or lactation. Do not use on young animals which are still suckling from the mother. Only for use on Rabbits, Rats and Guinea Pigs. Serious reactions, including death, have been reported in dogs (particularly Herding breeds), tortoises and turtles treated with products containing Ivermectin.