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Beaphar Anti-Mange Spray 75ml

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Beaphar Small Animal Anti ? Mange Spray is veterinary treatment to prevent or stop the burrowing mites that might cause mange on your pet. The first signs of mange mite infestation are severe itching and hair loss. This Anti-Mange Spray can be used to treat your Rabbits & Guinea-pigs! This treatment contains Invermectin.

To treat your small animal, apply the liquid solution directly onto the skin, by spraying against the lie of your animals coat. To do this, wear a pair of gloves and stroke your animals fur backwards, exposing the skin and spray the infected area. If it is your animals head which needs treating, apply the treatment by spraying the solution onto a cotton wool ball and then gently apply to the infected area. The treatment must not enter the nose, mouth or eyes.

  • For rabbits and guinea pigs
  • Contains ivermectin
  • Easy to use spray