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Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Spray 30ml

Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Spray 30ml

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About Beaphar Cat Comfort Calming Spray 30ml

Beapher Cat Comforter Spray is the perfect way to help reduce stress related problematic behaviour in your cat.

Cat's can be very sensitive when changes happen within their environment, these changes could range from moving house or buying new furniture. Signs of stress include hiding away more than usual, inappropriate urination and scratching, being hesitant and less tolerant towards people, over or under eating, increased fear and a more disturbed sleep.

This spray can be used anywhere in the home to make your cat feel more at ease. This spray releases a solution that is similar to the naturally produced Feline Facial Pheromone, which cats will recognise and make them feel safe. However, it is recommended that you do not spray on cat scratchers as it discourages the cat to play with it, also do not spray directly onto your cat or in a cat carrier while your cat it inside.

It is recommended to use on cat carriers at least 15 minutes before you need to use them, on cat flaps to help encourage your cat to go through it, on window ledges to reduce any anxiety that other cats cause your cat, and on any particularly targeted area in your home that your cat seems to dislike.

This spray is suitable for cats of all ages.