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Classic Pet Products Classic Spaniel Steel Feeding Dish, 850ml

(Code: GK-CL504)
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Classic Stainless Steel Spaniel Bowl is non tip with a anti slip rubber rim around the edge of the bowl to prevent sliding, reducing the risk of food or water spilling onto your floor whilst your dog drinks or eats.

Unlike standard dog bowls the traditional spaniel bowl design is ideal for all long-eared breeds and allows your dog to eat or drink without their ears dipping into the bowl, keeping them dry and clean!

The anti-slip rubber ring on the base of the spaniel dish can also be removed easily, so that it can be cleaned if required and the sloping sides of the dish help with stability on your floor, stopping your dog from tipping the bowl over when eating their breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Stainless steel spaniel bowls are; easy to clean, hygienic and dishwasher safe, resistant to absorbing food odour, extremely durable and will retain their sheen for many years.

Please note the spaniel bowl dimensions are approximate and suitable for both food and water:

  • Bowl opening diameter 6 inches or 5.3 cm
  • Bottom diameter 9.5 inches or 24.1 cm