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Clix No Bark Collar Small

Company Of Animals
(Code: COCN01)

About Clix No Bark Collar Small

Dogs love to bark, but there's times when you might need your dog to be quiet for a while. This CLIX No-Bark Collar from Company Of Animals can help with that.

This collar should only be put on your dog at times when you do not want them to bark, it is important to remove the collar when you are ok with your dog barking.

This collar works by using a microphone that picks up the noise from your dogs barks and sends out an ultra-high frequency sound that will stop your dog from barking. Don't worry, the sound won't hurt your dogs ears, it's a little annoying to the dog but it will not hurt them in any way.

It also has a vibration option that will help stop your dog from barking, again, this feeling is a little annoying but it will not harm your dog in any way.

Most dogs will realise that the annoying sensation only happens when they bark, but some dogs may require some training. If your dog continues to bark with the collar on they may be barking because of the new sensations. It is important to try and calm your dog down so that they stop barking, this will teach them that the annoyance only happens when they bark.

It is important to remember that this collar should not be on your dog for more than 12 hours and work with your dog, praise him or her when they show the correct behaviour. This collar is not considered a long term solution to unwanted barking, it should be used as a training aid to teach your dog that there are times when they should not bark.

Size Guide:

  • Small - 24-42xm (9-16")

Please click here for a guide on how to use the collar.