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Gain Greyhound 20 Dog Food - 15kg

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Gain greyhound 20 is a complete diet for resting greyhounds and can be included as part of a home mix for racing dogs.

* This product contains a balance of high quality proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other nutrients.
* The immune system is aided by the inclusion of high quality electrolytes and antioxidants.
* The addition of a scientific balance of high quality minerals and essential vitamins is critical for optimum health and performance.
* Natural plant extracts are added to help control unpleasant dog odours.
* Gain Greyhound 20 is extremely palatable, due to its unique combination of ingredients and its chicken fat flavour.
* Gain Greyhound 20 is manufactured in a state of the art plant.

If you are looking to supplement your dogs diet to provide extra protein, we recommend Pedro Dried Meat, which contains 60% protein and is perfect for working or sporting dogs.

Customer reviews
Excellent quality my boy looks so good on it.
Julie W.