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Gardman Hedgehog Bites - 650g

(Code: GMAE10000)

About Gardman Hedgehog Bites - 650g

Help the Hedgehogs with Gardman Ernest Charles Hedgehog Bites dry food.

Ernest Charles Hedgehog Bites have been expertly formulated to support the health of your visiting Hedgehogs and will support them through breeding, hibernation and day to day activities. Each Hedgehog Bite is packed with vital vitamins and minerals and comes with a crunch, to help maintain dental health and keep teeth sharp.

Feeding Guide

Place handfuls of Ernest Charles Hedgehog Bites in a shallow ceramic bowl or a special ground feeding tray every evening, just before dusk. You may also wish to leave out a bowl of wet Hedgehog food - we recommend Spikes Meaty Feast Foils or Brambles Meaty Hedgehog Food Tins rather than traditional choices like bread, milk or mealworms. Many Hedgehogs are lactose intolerant and bread and mealworms do not provide appropraite nutrition and so can cause Hedgehogs illness and discomfort. A small bowl of water will also be greatly appreciated by visiting Hedgehogs, especially in areas that have been built up and during the extremes of warm and cold weather.

Encouraging Hedgehogs to Visit Your Garden

The Hedgehog population has declined rapidly in recent years due to habitat loss and the effects of increased contact with human populations. Overuse of pesticides, for example, kills the insects that Hedgehogs rely on for food. Creating a safe area for Hedgehogs in your garden, where they can rely on regular food and water as well as shelter, will support the Hedgehog population in your area and help to reverse the decline in Hedgehog population.

To create a safe area in your garden:

  • Cut a hole in the bottom of your garden fence (no larger than 13mm diameter) to allow Hedgehogs easy access both in and out of the garden.
  • Choose a quiet area of your garden annd allow it to grow wild, free from pesticides and slug pellets. This will provide visiting Hedgehogs with an area that feels safe to spend time in, and is a great spot for leaving food and water.
  • Hedgehogs will often shelter in hedges, piles of leaves or grass and in borders or bonfires. Ensure that you always check before using garden tools or lighting a bonfire that no Hedgehogs are curled up sleeping!
  • Although most Hedgehogs do spend the colder winter months, typically between November and March, in hibernation, they can wake up or become more active due to milder weather. Continuing to leave out food, especially if it is being eaten, will help Hedgehogs during the most difficult months of the year.

If you find a sick or injured Hedgehog in your garden, we reccomend seeking expert advice from a specialist Wildlife rescue.

For a list of Hedgehog rescues based in Ireland, visit Irish Wildlife Matters and for rescues based in the UK, visit Help Wildlife.


Composition: Poulty Meal, Meat and Bone, Rice, Maize, Poultry Fat, Poultry Gravy, Salmon Oil, Fish Meal, Priarie Meal, Brewers Yeast, Vitamins and Minerals

Analytical Constituents: Protein 39%, Fat 20%, Ash 10%, Fibre 1.5%