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Johnson's Anti-Pek Pump Feather Plucking Bird Spray - 100ml

(Code: JVM039)

About Johnson's Anti-Pek Pump Feather Plucking Bird Spray - 100ml

A handy aid to help in preventing feather plucking and self-harm, Johnson's Veterinary Anti-Pek Pump Spray is suitable for pet birds kept in the home or in aviaries, and for poultry including baby chicks.

The ingredients suspended in the sprayable solution are distasteful to birds, so daily use as required prevents pecking and removal from feathers.

Boredom is usually a key cause of self-destructive behaviour in pet birds, from budgies to parrots, so alongside use of the Anti-Pek Spray, treats and activity toys should be used to keep the bird stimulated. If pecking persists, suspect a vitamin deficiency and offer Johnson's Vit-Min Drops as part of a balanced and varied diet. If parasites are suspected, use Beaphar Anti-Parasite Spot-On Treatment.