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Lazy Bones Flying Saucer - Assorted Colours

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Some dogs are just born to fly. It is such a joy to see them leaping high into the air to catch a flying frisbee, reveling in the happiness of the perfect catch. This flying saucer by Lazy Bones is the perfect frisbee to throw for your dog. It flies through the air easily and is easy to pick up if they don't make the catch!

How do you go about teaching your dog to play?

It is important that your dog has already learned basic obedience commands, and that you can rely on your dog to return the frisbee to you and not go dashing off with it. Introduce the frisbee during normal playtime, allowing your dog to hold it in his mouth so he can become accustomed to holding it. Show enthusiasm and praise your dog if he shows an interest in the disc. In the beginning, throw the disc low, at the dog?s level, as you would a ball. You can also roll the disc on its side -- again, as you would a ball -- and let your dog chase it across the room or yard. Once your dog has gotten into going after the frisbee and returning it to you to toss again for him, you can move to the next level. Try tossing the frisbee a short distance outside -- in the yard or at the park. Give lavish praise when your dog gives chase or you may even want to incorporate training treats when he returns the disc to you. This is a product we think every dog owner would like. It provides great exercise for you and your dog and is a great way to train them.

Size: 20cm

Please note that toys are not indestructible and you should always supervise your pet with any toy. Check the product regularly for damage and replace when required to ensure that no harm comes to your pet. Enjoy!