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Lazy Bones Medium Pumice Perch

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This Large Pumice Perch by Lazy bones is ideal for keeping your pet's beak and claws trim. Pumice is a type of volcanic rock that is formed when lava with a high content of water and gases is released from a volcano. As the gas bubbles escape from the lava it becomes frothy, forming a very light rock material filled with gas. This rock is great for keeping birds claws trim. This is the large pumice perch which is perfect for birds that are around the size of an African Grey. Please note, you should check your bird's feet regularly. Sometimes a bird may be overly fond of sitting on the pumice perch and the abrasiveness of it cause tenderness to their feet. If you suspect this may be the case try moving the perch to an area that he will use it less or just remove it for a little while until their feet heal.  

If your pet has really, really sharp claws you may want to give the pumice perch a helping hand. You probably want to check out our Trixie Easy Claw Pet Clippers which are what we use regularly in the pet shop. As even a small amount of blood loss is dangerous to a bird it is also highly recommended that you have a styptic powder like Kwik Stop ready. You can find a version of this on our site in the dog health section called Blood Stop.

First, wrap your bird in a towel. This will reduce your bird's anxiety as well as giving you a solid grip on the bird. Trim only the tip of your bird's nail. Cut only the sharp pointed end to avoid cutting into the quick and causing any pain. It actually isn't too bad to perform and by keeping these tips in mind your bird should grow to better tolerate nail trimming and become used to it as a routine grooming procedure.

Attaches to cage with a wing nut & washer

Size: 23cm

Assorted colours