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LickiMat SloMo Combination Slow Feeder & Treat Mat

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About LickiMat SloMo Combination Slow Feeder & Treat Mat

Encourage your pet to eat at a slower, safer speed with the help of the LickiMat SLOMO, a unique combination of a slow feeder and treat mat!

For unlimited lickable fun, the SloMo holds both wet and dry food in its separate sections, but we've also found it to be amazing for dogs who enjoy a raw food diet, with both fine and chunky minces spreading easily over the textured surface.

Designed to enhance your pet's environment while benefiting their dental health and hygiene, Lickimats are a non-medical way to promote calm behaviour while your pet is home alone or during stressful events, such as storms, as a calming hormone (Cortisol) is released when pets lick repetitively, so your pet will feel soothed and relaxed. Fresh breath and dental hygiene are promoted, as bacteria and undigested food particles are gently removed from the tongue. Saliva production is stimulated during feeding from the Lickimat, which helps to clean the tongue, teeth and gums as well as aiding digestion.

While some dogs need extra encouragement to slow their eating speed just so that they can enjoy every morsel, for some dogs it can be a medical necessity. Large breed dogs are more likely to suffer from a condition known as Bloat or Gastric Dilation Volvulus (GDV), an often fatal ailment where the stomach can twist and fill with gas. Although the exact causes of bloat are unknown, it is thought that dogs who eat very quickly, taking in lots of air as they guzzle their food, may be more at risk of the condition. The risk of bloat may be reduced by preventing exercise before and after eating, feeding multiple small meals per day, using a mixture of a high quality dry kibble and wet food such as Naturo Salmon, Rice & Vegetables and feeding from a Slow Feeding Bowl or Mat.

Some of our pets' favourite toppings for the LickiMat SloMo include a combination of Pet Connection Grain Free Tuna & Salmon alongside some delicious Arden Grange Liver Treat Paste

Made from food grade TPE Rubber & PP, the LickiMat SloMo is non-toxic, microwave proof, freezer-friendly and dishwasher safe. On warmer days, we love to freeze LickiMats with their fillings to give dogs a longer lasting, cooling snack, and LickiMats from this deluxe range stack perfectly in the freezer for multiple pet households. LickiMats should be regularly inspected for wear, and removed from the pet if any piece becomes loose or detached.

Dimensions: 20cm x 20cm

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