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Luxury Kitten Starter Pack - Online Exclusive

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This is an Online Exclusive range, if you would like to collect a starter pack from our Dublin Road store please use the Click & Collect online ordering function.

Treat your kitten to a complete kit, containing all the basics and luxuries you need to keep your kitten happy in their new home, with our 
Luxury Kitten Starter Kit.

This pack contains:

Pet Connection Premium Kitten Food (2kg) - A complete food designed to provide kittens with all the nutrition they need to be happy, healthy pets. The combination of carefully selected ingredients ensures your cat receives a balanced, species appropriate diet, in a tasty kibble format.

Lazy Bones Pratiko 1 Carrier - Made from strong, moulded plastic, this cat carrier is perfect for trips to the vet and elsewhere. The carrier is well ventilated and can be strapped into place in the car by passing a seat belt through the moulded handle. Available in 3 colours (Blue, Red and Green), please let us know if you have a preference.

Trixie Minou Cuddly Cave - A cosy cat igloo style bed with a plush fleece coating and easy clean base, the Minou cave is a perfect place for your kitten to relax and sleep.

Whiskas Kitten Poultry Selection in Jelly (12 Pouches) - This box of 12 conveniently sized pouches are perfect for kittens, and made from ingredients cats would naturally choose. Complete and balanced, with a perfect balance of vitamins and minerals.

Trixie Nylon Kitten Collar with Bell - Made from a soft, lightweight material, this collar is fully adjustable for growing kittens and features a safety buckle which will snap apart should your cat get caught by the collar. A warning bell helps to protect wildlife from your cat, reducing the amount of wild birds caught by 41%. Available in 3 colours (Red, Black and Blue), please let us know if you have a preference.

Trixie Diego Covered Litter Tray - Avoid mess, odour and spillages with the Diego litter tray, a covered litter tray with an activated carbon filter to neutralise bad smells.

Trixie Silicate Litter 3.8l - The many tiny holes in the silica granules of this litter help to absorb fluids in seconds, with odours staying trapped within the super absorbent litter. This litter is exceptionally economical and is designed for use inside a covered litter tray for maximum benefit. Non-toxic and environmentally friendly, the used granules can be composted, and one pack of this hypoallergenic litter will keep your cat's litter tray clean and fresh for a whole month.

Trixie Silicate Cat Litter Scoop - Simple to use, ergonomic and effective, this litter scoop is designed for use with silicate pearls will make cleaning out your cat's litter tray easier and help to reduce wastage of litter.

Trixie Plastic Cat Bowl (Pack of 2) - Keep your cat fed and watered with ease, with these non-slip, lightweight and dishwasher proof cat bowls. Available in 4 colours (Blue, Pink, Green and White), please let us know if you have a preference.

Gor Pets Cat Scratcher 62cm - Provide your cat with a place to scratch and play, allowing them to exercise normal behaviours at a designated scratching post rather than your furniture. Available in 3 colours (Red, Green and Beige), please let us know if you have a preference.

Trixie Kitten Harness with Lead - Protect your kitten from dangers outdoors while letting them explore, with an easy to fit, lightweight harness. Available in 4 colours (Red, Black, Blue and Purple), please let us know if you have a preference.

Trixie Snack Roll - Puzzle toys help to provide enrichment for cats and kittens, preventing boredom and undesirable behaviours from becoming bad habits. When rolled along the floor, your pet's food will slowly trickle from the treat dispensing snack roll, allowing your cat to practice their natural hunting instinct.

Kong Cat Kickeroo - Made from soft velvety fabric, the Kickeroo is a favourite toy of many cats and kittens. Designed to promote natural behaviours such as wrestling and hind paw kicking, this toy is also filled with premium catnip for extra temptation.

Toplife Milk for Cats - A delicious treat for your cat or kitten, Toplife Milk is made from reduced lactose milk to avoid digestive upsets while retaining a natural taste. Taurine and Inulin are added for extra health benefits.

Whiskas Milky Treats for Kittens - An excellent reward for good behaviour, in the form of handy little crunchy squares which your kitten will find irresistible. 

The total price of these items if bought separately would be £92.66, so you can save a total of £17.67 with this pack.

We will honour colour requests for items where possible, however if we are out of stock of a particular requested colour we may send an alternative. Please let us know if you would prefer we didn't randomly select an alternative.
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very good starter pack.
Sarah S.