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M&C Stool Repel-UM Deters Stool Eating For Dogs & Puppies (30 Tablets)

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Help to eliminate stool consumption in dog and puppies over 3 months of age with VetIQ Stool Repel-Um.

Regular administration of the tasty chicken liver flavoured tablets make stools unpalatable, as Oleoresin Capsicum, a lachrymatory agent, causes a mild irritation to the eyes and a mild burning sensation if the stool is eaten. Alpha-Amylase, an enzyme, is added to this unique formula to help break down starches and improve the pet's digestive system.

Coprophagia, or consumption of faeces, is a behavioural problem in many dogs and common habit which causes stress to owners as it is unhygienic. If Stool Repel-Um does not work for your dog, please ask us for advice as we have alternatives with differing formulations. A high quality diet may also help prevent your pet from eating their own faeces, as lower quality diets affect the dog's digestive system negatively.

Directions: Give 1 tablet per 10kg bodyweight daily, for 2 weeks after coprophagia is observed. If the results are unsatisfactory, double the daily dosage and administer for a further 2 weeks. For prevention, continue to feed 1 tablet daily.

Composition: Brewers Yeast, Alpha-Amylase, Oleoresin Capsicum.