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Peckish Peanuts For Birds - 12.75kg - Aflatoxin Tested

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Fill your garden with colour by feeding Peckish Peanuts for Wild Birds. These high quality whole peanuts have been tested free from Aflatoxins - a dangerous, toxic carcinogen for birds which is caused by fungus.

Peanuts are a great source of energy for wild birds and are one of the most popular foods with wild birds, attracting a variety of species from Blue Tits and House Sparrows to the Great Spotted Woodpecker to your garden.

Peckish Peanuts for Wild Birds are best served using a special Wire Mesh Peanut Feeder. Using a wire mesh feeder means that birds must break each peanut into smaller pieces to fit them through the mesh, which prevents the risk of young birds and fledglings choking on whole peanuts. This is particularly important during Spring, when young birds are at their smallest. Throughout other seasons of the year, peanuts can also safely be scattered across a bird table if desired.

Our top tips for encouraging more birds to visit your garden:

  • Position feeders around 2m from the closest area of cover. This will allow the feeder to be easily visible for passing birds, while allowing them to feel safe to eat, as there is an area to bolt to quickly if a predator is close.
  • If you are starting to leave food for the birds in your garden for the first time, please be aware that it can take some time for birds to start using a new feeder.
  • If you are feeding the birds on a regular basis, we recommend continuing to do so throughout the year. If local wild birds know that your garden is a reliable source of good food, they will be more likely to visit on a regular basis.
  • Consider providing clean, fresh drinking water for visiting birds. We recommend using the Gardman Wild Bird Water Drinker, as the self flushing system prevents the spread of disease between visiting birds. Access to safe, clean drinking water can be the difference between life and death for your local wildlife, particularly during the Summer and Winter months, as regular sources of water can easily dry up, freeze over or become other unaccessible.
  • Refill feeders early in the morning, to ensure that food is always available to allow birds to replace the energy that they have lost through the night.
  • Help to limit the spread of disease and bacteria through your local wild bird populations. Ensure that food is both fresh and dry, removing any wet food on a daily basis as wet food can be a conduit for various infections. Feeders and areas where birds gather (for example, bird tables or baths) should be regularly disinfected using a bird friendly cleaner, such as Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.

Please store this product in a cool, dry place. This food is best used within 3 months of opening the bag.

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