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Peckish Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder For Wild Birds

(Code: PK60051222)

Upgrade your seed feeders with the Peckish Secret Garden collection. These stylish feeders have an antique finish and a decorative leaf design which will look great in most gardens.

This Peckish Secret Garden Nyjer Seed Feeder is designed to help the small birds that are attracted to small sized Nyjer Seed (in particular, birds from the Finch family) to eat easily and comfortably. The slim feeding ports and tray prevent spillage of seeds while the spacious circular perch allows several birds to gather around your feeder at once.

Our top tips for encouraging more birds to visit your feeders:

  • Position feeders within 2m of the closest area of safe cover. This will allow birds to feel secure while they eat, as a safe area is close by, but allows the feeder to remain visible as well. This feeder can be hung from a dining station, a feeder hook or from a tree.
  • Be consistent in replacing food at the same time each day, and continue to feed on a year round basis to allow local birds to view your garden as a reliable source of food. If possible, replenish feeders early in the morning, as this ensures that there is a consistant supply of food as they look to restore the energy lost overnight.
  • Provide clean, fresh drinking water from either a Wild Bird Water Drinker or a bird bath. Access to safe drinking water can be a matter of life and death for local wildlife, particularly in the summer and winter months, when regular sources of water can suddenly become inaccessible.
  • Protect the health of your local wild bird population by taking steps to reduce the spread of disease at your feeders. Ensure that all seed remains fresh and dry, removing wet seed daily and clean feeders regularly with a disinfectant that is safe to use around birds. We recommend Johnson's Clean 'n' Safe Bird Disinfectant.