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Phytopet Milk Thistle For Liver & Gall Bladder Support - 100ml

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Silymarin, also called Milk Thistle, is a highly regarded nutritional supplement used to treat a variety of liver conditions, diseases, and toxicities in cats, dogs, birds, rabbits, horses, and other companion animals. It is believed that it may also have some efficacy in preventing certain cancers, preventing chemotherapy side effects, and in protecting the kidneys.

Limited studies in animals have been performed but there is anecdotal evidence that silymarin works to treat liver disease by inhibiting cell-damaging enzymes and by providing antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

n studies Silymarin has been shown to aid glutathione production in the liver by around 30%. Glutathione is used by the body to make peroxidase one of the body's most potent free radical fighting enzymes, thus aiding detoxification significantly.

Silymarin also supports protein synthesis in the liver encouraging the growth of healthy liver cells.
Milk Thistle can aid bile flow an attribute that supports both liver and gall bladder. 



100% Tincture, no fillers

Milk Thistle (Silybum marianum)

Herbal vet medicine can be combined with other forms of treatment however, some herbs are very potent, so caution must be used when combining them with other treatments such as drugs. Trained veterinary herbalists have the knowledge and skill to understand the interactions between different forms of treatment and to interpret a patient's response to therapy.