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Rosewood Bamboozlers Coconut Forager XL/L Bird Toy

(Code: RW22329)

Bamboozlers is a range of stimulating, earth friendly activity toys for parrots of all sizes: from the smallest cockatiels to the largest macaw. They are only made from natural materials such as bamboo, abaca (from banana leaf fibres) and coconut shell - materials that birds might find in the wild. We use no glues, wire or plastic. All dyes are pet safe and all hanging toys come with a strong, metal clip for hanging. Parrots of all sizes need stimulating to prevent boredom, and toys made from variety of materials which encourage foraging and can be shredded are ideal or this: so all the toys are designed to be durable yet destructible. The toys are hand crafted by village cooperatives using locally sourced and sustainable materials. The Coconut Forager is two coconut shells stuffed with shredded corn leaf within which you can hide your parrot's favourite treats for them to then have the challenge of foraging for.

  • Toy made only from 100% natural materials like palm leaf, bamboo and abaca
  • Hand made using earth kind, renewable and recycled materials
  • Ideal for cockatoos, amazons, greys, macaws and conures to play with and shred
  • Durable yet destructible
  • Supplied with a metal clip for hanging