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Rosewood Festive Star Forage Tray 125g

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About Rosewood Festive Star Forage Tray 125g

Ensure your small pet gets to join in on the festive spirit with a Rosewood Naturals Festive Star Forage Tray, a hay covered parchment star which is fun to nibble and full of tasty herbs and grasses.

Delightful coconut and marigold coated nibble balls are provided for hiding in the tray, allowing your pet to forage for hours.

The fun parchment star can be refilled with tasty treats and forage to restart the fun as your small pet demands.

Composition: Cellulose Fibre (18.5%), Hay (15.9%), Vegetable Starch (13.8%), Coconut (7.4%), Alfalfa (7.1%), Oat Herb (6.8%), Apple, Parsley (6.3%), Wheat Herb (4.2%), Nettle (2.4%), Extruded Cornmeal, Melissa (2.2%), Dandelion (1.6%), Straw, Marigold Blossoms (1.4%), Anise, Peppermint (0.8%), Chamomile (0.4%), Carrots.

Suitable for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Degus, Chinchillas, Rats, Gerbils, Hamsters, Mice and Chipmunks.

We suggest adding only one or two nibble balls per day, especially for chinchillas and degus.

Diameter: 25cm
Customer reviews
Shopping Satisfaction
Very cool, rabbit loves it, decent size as well.
Sarah B.